"Very smooth, flowing, like a river. a wonderful massage - each area was done with care and substance - you gave me exactly what I asked for - I am grateful." 
-Brian C.  [This review inspired the name RiverBodyFlow]

"Wonderful - so fluid, like she'd been doing this for 20 years.  So rhythmic, soothing excellent touch - like she knew where I was tender/tight!"  -Erin C.

"Listened and prioritized my requests.  Jude was very nice.  Great for me.  Really knew where my tensions and meridian points of care were."  - Xiu Yun Z.

"Jude has a gift.  She has a beautiful energy and warmth in her hands and touch.  I didn't know she also did energy work/healing also, but I felt something right away.  I am grateful she is developing this beautiful gift to its fullest and would recommend her to anyone.  The best the massage I have ever had." 
- Desiree B.